How To Build Your Confidence And Stay In Control By Teaching Your Horse How To Stop On Command
By: Carson James
Length: 01 hrs and 15 mins
Release date: June 2016
Language: English
About this DVD
Stopping is a fundamental part of training your horse, but it's also a huge safety factor that could save your life.

Many horses tend to push right through the reins and take their time to stop instead of doing it immediately when asked.

But if your horse ever starts to run off with you, you have to be able to bring him to a stop before you get in a bad situation.

Imagine being on the trail and your horse decides to bolt or gets spooked and starts running off.

Wouldn't it be nice to know that you have an "emergency brake" that you can pull whenever and if you ever happen to need it?

Don't wait around until it's too late!

Learn to stop your horse on command and enjoy your rides knowing that you have a back-up plan should things go bad.

On this DVD you'll discover...
  •   How To Gain Confidence In The Saddle And Stay Balanced And In Control
  •  How To Make Sure Your Horse Is Ok With Speeding Up (this actually has a lot to do with stopping)...and what to do if he's not
  •  How To Slow Down And Stop Your Horse Using The "Redirect Method" 
  •  How To Slow Down And Stop Your Horse Using The "Nose Tip Method"
  •  How To Train Your Horse To Break At The Poll
  •  Advanced Training For Sliding Stops And Emergency Braking
About Carson James
Carson James takes horsemanship back to its original and pure form. His experience working for large ranches in the Northwest, performance trainers, and riding thousands of problem horses around the country has given him the opportunity to practically apply horsemanship at all levels. His ability to break these concepts down into small, easily understandable steps sets him apart from many contemporary clinicians.
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