New DVD Reveals How To Naturally Solve Most Common Horse Problems
By: Carson James
Length: 02 hrs and 40 mins
Release date: Feb. 2015
Language: English
About this DVD
What I really like about this DVD is that nothing is based on "theory". In every scenario, you'll see the problem and then you'll see it fixed in the same setting.

There's no fancy camera tricks or editing. It's just 166 minutes of pure, no B.S. horsemanship that everyone who owns a horse will LOVE to watch.

You'll witness un-trained horses with problems get fixed right in front of your eyes.

When you apply the principals you learn from this DVD you'll be amazed at how quickly you see results and how easy it is to copy the same methods on your horse.

Even if your horse doesn't have any of the issues that are covered on this DVD, you'll still get a lot of great horsemanship value from watching it.
On this DVD you'll discover...
  •  How To Cure Buddy Sour / Barn Sour Horses
  •  How To Catch A Horse That Doesn't Want To Be Caught
  •  How To Earn Respect From Your Horse
  •  How To Teach Your Horse To Focus And Pay Attention
  •  How To Desensitize Your Horse To ANYTHING
  •  How To Transform A Hot Horse Into One Who Is Calm
  •  How To Create Life & Energy In Your Horse
  •  How To Teach Your Horse To Load When He Hates Trailers
  •  How To Build Confidence In A Spooky Horse
  •  And Much, Much More
About Carson James
Carson James takes horsemanship back to its original and pure form. His experience working for large ranches in the Northwest, performance trainers, and riding thousands of problem horses around the country has given him the opportunity to practically apply horsemanship at all levels. His ability to break these concepts down into small, easily understandable steps sets him apart from many contemporary clinicians.
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