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  • Works on all computers and mobile devices
  • Just $24.95 a month
  •  8 step-by-step online training courses including Horsemanship, Earning Respect, Desensitizing, Groundwork, Fundamentals, Intermediate Riding, Advanced Riding, and Problem Solving
  • Digital copies of all my DVD's including DIY Horse Training, Problem Solving, Horsemanship Fundamentals, Horse Logic, Stopping, Groundwork Essentials, Colt Starting, Safety Checkup, and more
  •  Get direct access to me through our members only private Facebook group. Ask me any horse training related question and I'll respond and give you feedback
  •  Win monthly prizes for completing courses. We give away saddles, bits, bridles, hackamores, hats, and more
8 Step-By-Step Online Training Courses
Each course contains 20-30 video lessons and walks you through each of them one at a time. You can also earn badges, and win prizes from completing courses.
Digital Copies Of All My DVD'S
I've ripped all the videos off of my DVD's and uploaded the digital files to my membership site. You can watch every video on every DVD once you log into the site.
Earn Badges
As you complete courses (and pass a small quiz) and do other member activities, you will earn badges which make you eligible to win prizes. You can show off your progress by sharing them on Facebook or your own website.
Direct Access To Me
If you need my help or advice with anything, just post in our members only Facebook group and I'll be sure to reply. You can also get feedback and advice from over 7,000 more horse owners who are part of the membership.
Win Prizes
Each month we give away a major prize to one member. You are eligible to win prizes by earning badges.
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