Become Your Horse's Leader & Build A Partnership Of Mutual Respect And Trust From The Ground Up

Get My Entire Groundwork Training Series For Only $7


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Get The Groundwork TRAINING SERIES

No Tricks, No Trials, No Funny Business....Just Want You To Have Success

Dear Friend,

Yes. You really are getting my entire groundwork training series for just seven bucks.

This isn't a trial or anything like that and there's no catch.

And there's no waiting.

You'll get instant access right away.

The first step to having a horse that's willing and problem-free is giving them the confidence and ability to lower their self-preservation instincts and be convinced that they can trust us as a leader who has their best interest at heart. 

And one of the most effective ways to do that is through proper, meaningful groundwork. 

It can be used to establish an un-shakable line of communication that will carry through to every interaction you have with your horse.

Here's What You'll Get For Just $7

  • ​Get your horse to focus and pay attention to you (even if he's in a new place or there are a lot of distractions) with some basic round penning exercises.
  • Convince your horse that you are worthy of his trust and respect by teaching him to keep out of your personal space.
  • ​How to avoid bucking, spooking, and bolting by teaching your horse to be O.K. with you above his back, even if he's already "broke". Many horses will allow you on their back, but it's a game changer once they actually like it.
  • How to teach your horse to be brave around objects he's unsure of through trusting you as the leader who has their wellbeing as a top priority.
  • How to establish an unbreakable bond through groundwork at liberty that builds from the ground up and transfers when under saddle.
  • The what, why and how of lunging. We'll go through why it's important, why you should do it, and what you should do for the best results.

PLUS You're getting my respect test free

The Simple 5 Minute Exam That Reveals Whether Or Not Your Horse Respects You As A Leader

Most people think their horse's groundwork is pretty ok, but then we do this little test, it becomes apparent that there's some work that needs to be done.

This simple, yet effective 5 minute test is all it takes to determine whether or not your horse respects you as a leader, and what to do if he fails.

Whenever I do a clinic, this is the first thing I have all the participants do because it's so effective and gets your horse in the right frame of mind to learn.
Who Is Carson James?
My background is in Vaquero Horsemanship, and for the majority of my career, I worked on cattle ranches where I rode horses all day, every day. My knowledge comes from real life experience using traditional Buckaroo horsemanship to train horses and fix problems. I'm now taking this knowledge and experience and sharing it with horse owners online and in person at my Horsemanship Fundamentals clinics.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I have been having a lot of success with your groundwork videos. More sense than any other horse trainer I have watched or tried. Thank you for being awesome!"
- Jill L.


I'm doing this for two reasons.

1. I'm optimistic that once you experience this training series you'll probably buy some more stuff from me in the future. So this is kind of like a sample so you can see that these methods work wonders for your horse.

2. Because I care about helping people and horses. It's purely a limited time goodwill gift with no strings attached.


There is absolutely ZERO risk on your part, and no reason that you shouldn’t claim this offer.  

I promise that will you LOVE this training series and you’ll get a ton of actionable value out of it that will help you take the first steps in becoming the ultimate leader for your horse.

If you don't find the value, or you're disappointed for any reason, I'll refund your $7.

Simply email me or call the number on your digital receipt, and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.

Sound fair?

Get The Groundwork TRAINING SERIES

No Tricks, No Trials, No Funny Business....Just Want You To Have Success

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